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We have a number of services designed to meet whatever our client needs happen to be. We work with the following: 


Independent Contractors

Sole Proprietorships

Single Member LLCs

Multi-Member LLCs/Partnerships

S Corporations



Compliance only

Compliance is primarily about what needs to be done to stay in compliance with the IRS filings, state filings, and one-off services that are not part of a bigger plan. 


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year round planning

Year Round Planning is a bundle of services designed to maximize our partnership with clients. We are able to bundle tax planning, bookkeeping, and monthly retention + access to make a complete plan for our clients. 


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additional services

We have additional services designed to work with our clients. Whether its an educational event, online course, or e-book. the goal remains the same. We aim to partner with our clients through whatever partnership we can achieve to help make taxes much a much simpler concept. 


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