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Why are Business Plans Necessary?
2022-01-08 11:07 Are Business Plans still being used today?    With more businesses being started than ever, one can clearly ask the question of whether a business plan is really needed. More taxpayers are taking sk...
IRS Advanced Child Tax Credit + Economic Impact Payment Letters
2022-00-08 11:35 IRS issues information letters to Advance Child Tax Credit recipients and recipients of the third round of Economic Impact Payments; taxpayers should hold onto letters to help the 2022 Filing Season e...
Advanced Child Tax Credit Effects
2021-12-08 14:30 ADVANCED CHILD TAX CREDIT EFFECTS   We have reached the end of the year! Congratulations, it is a blessing to have made it this far. Many were able to receive the Advanced Child Tax Credit while som...
End of the Year Deductions
2021-12-08 14:30 END OF THE YEAR DEDUCTIONS     Whether you are a business owner or not, there are deductions that you have available to you for your unique tax situation. We will examine some that you can focus on...

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